Intentional Actions

Our goal is for Every Woman is Worthy™ to become more than words. That’s where you come in. Commit to a simple action for yourself or a woman in your life.

What kind of action?

It can be anything that directly addresses or meets an individual or collective need. It can be big or small. For someone you know or an organization that impacts women. It can be a financial contribution, gift or service. Or it can be entirely free, relying on your goodwill, compassion, or assistance. It can be something attainable today, next month, or this year. The choices are entirely yours. Who needs your help? What aspect of women’s wellness feels pressing to you? How can you take one simple step to improve the life of a woman?

Psst – It’s important to acknowledge that taking action for your own needs is critical. Maybe you need to direct this intentional action to yourself? We applaud that too.

My Intentional Action…

Thanks to people like you, Every Woman is Worthy is spreading in both message and practice to make a difference for women.

With gratitude,

The Every Woman is Worthy Team

Examples of intentional actions:

  • Invite a friend who is depressed to go for a walk once a week
  • Take a woman who is unemployed and looking for work to coffee and see if you can help her network to find a new job
  • Volunteer once, every year, monthly, or weekly for a NPO that helps marginalized women
  • Visit an elderly woman and spend quality time with her
  • Help a woman who is struggling with childcare coupled with caregiving for aging relatives with a real and pressing need to lessen the stress of her demanding schedule
  • Send a thoughtful gift to a woman who has lost a pregnancy or child
  • Donate sanitary pads and tampons to bring dignity to incarcerated women
  • Commit to regularly checking in on new moms over the course of their entire first year parenting instead of only during the first few months
  • Summon up the courage to call or send a note of apology to a woman who is owed one
  • Cook or buy groceries for a mother struggling to feed her children
  • Treat yourself to a personal day
  • Sit with a grieving woman and offer genuine compassion instead of answers, platitudes, or quick fixes
  • Offer in-home aid to a sick friend or relative, or childcare for parents who need to be in the hospital with a medically fragile child
  • Pay for a random woman’s gas or lunch with a “pay it forward” mentality and generous heart

Take a photo of your intentional action! Tag @everywomanisworthy and use #everywomanisworthy to inspire others!