Every Woman is Worthy™ emphasizes mission and responsible manufacturing alongside company growth. We believe in people over profits and empowering women in tangible ways.

Our Inspired Products are how we remind women that they are worthy, valuable, and enough. Our products send a healing and empowering message to both the person using them and the women around them. We are in awe of the conversations these products start and how they touch women around the globe and across cultures with widely different perceptions of women’s roles, rights, and value.

We have three goals for our products:

1) Everyday Function, 2) Empowerment & Advocacy, and 3) Giving Back. We pledge to donate 10% of our year-end net profits to nonprofits that uplift and support marginalized women. Our Blog is a great place to find information about advocating for marginalized women and resources for direct donations to improve their lived experiences.

Our goal is for Every Woman is Worthy™ to become more than words. We hope it inspires action and support for women. This is why we have an Intentional Actions mission.

Intentional Actions are simple but meaningful actions to support women in their lived experiences. It’s showing up for women with compassion and care. We can walk you through committing to your own Intentional Action in less than one minute!

There is a ripple effect for everything we do, and we believe that we can impact millions from the positive actions of just a few. Will you make a difference?

We believe in supporting marginalized women and helping to improve their lives. This is an essential step in upholding women’s worth and dignity. At Every Woman is Worthy, we are committed to doing our part by giving back 10% of our year-end net proceeds to nonprofits that help marginalized women. We will use best practices to implement careful screening processes to ensure that any nonprofits selected for donation are channeling the majority of their funds to their cause, not their leadership’s pockets. As our startup grows, we look forward to hopefully announcing some formal partnerships.

Areas we are passionate about supporting include: Black maternal health and safety, domestic violence prevention, reproductive dignity and justice, LGBTQ mental health and suicide prevention, menstrual equity in prisons, size-inclusive fashion and eating disorder prevention, and access to education for girls and women in the Middle East, to name a few.

We work to engage in responsible manufacturing processes with select partners. We strive to use minimal plastic materials in our products and packaging, and we educate consumers on the benefits of reusable drinkware both in the home and on-the-go with our stainless steel tumblers, water bottles, and wine tumblers.

Our partners are responsible with both their employees and manufacturing processes. They utilize fabric scraps leftover from apparel, frequently use mail polymers made from recycled materials, and offer shipping options that help offset CO2 emissions. Also, our partners directly support and regularly contribute a portion of their proceeds to support at-risk LGBTQ+ youth, and have made sizable donations to support the Black community through the NAACP. Every Woman is Worthy™ is an inclusive brand that stands proudly alongside ALL women regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, body size, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or other characteristics.

We are currently working on designing some eco-friendly product options. Additionally, we are encouraging our primary manufacturing partner to find cost-friendly ways to consolidate shipping containers for orders with multiple products. We are committed to finding more ways to serve the greater good and planet along this journey and are always open to new ideas!

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