Every Woman is Worthy™ is dedicated to ensuring our website is accessible to as many visitors as possible regardless of their ability or technology. Accessibility and inclusion are important to our brand’s mission and messaging, and we have an active commitment to increasing our site’s website accessibility.

Our hosting platform follows web design standards and best practices. This means our site is built on a good foundation for accessibility. Additionally, we have hired experts in mobile optimization to enhance the experience and accessibility of digital content consumed on mobile devices.

Our site’s header videos are silent and therefore don’t have closed captions; however, Every Woman is Worthy is committed to offering closed captions for videos with audio.

We’re constantly looking to improve and are always thinking of new ways to address specific concerns as web technologies change. If you have trouble viewing or navigating the content of this site, or if you notice any issues with features or functionality, please email us at with “Accessibility” in the subject line along with a description of the accessibility problem. We care about your feedback and will take it into consideration as we seek ways to improve the site experience.