Every Woman is Worthy™ is a brand on a mission to elevate women’s wellness through inspired products and intentional actions.

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Over 50% of women worldwide struggle with self-esteem and feeling valuable. We believe in our message and spreading it to every woman who needs to hear that she is worthy. A woman doesn’t need to achieve or prove a thing. Her worth is inherent. It’s her birthright. No one can take it away.

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Women are exhausted from everything they do, often without the support they need. Every woman is worthy of the support necessary to improve her lived experience.

We hope to see the world become more fair and equitable for women of all backgrounds, but we recognize that we can’t wait for top-down improvements and justice. We have to start today, one person at a time. Help us improve the lives of women one person at a time by committing to an intentional action for yourself or a woman in your life. Psst- you’ll have full control and it doesn’t have to cost money. We’ll walk you through it!

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Each of our Every Woman is Worthy™ products is made specifically for the customer upon order. This reduces unnecessary waste from overproduction and reduces emissions from transportation since products aren’t warehoused in a separate facility from where they are made. We work with select manufacturers who engage in responsible production practices. Our partners offer eco-friendly collaborations, use recycled materials in mail polymers, utilize fabric scraps, offer shipping options that reduce CO2 emissions, and more.

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